Hex bug helps with abductor spasmodic dysphonia

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Unfortunately the members have voted and made it a closed group to ensure their privacy.


The device used in the video is a “hex bug” which you can get in the toy store.
If you want to learn more then contact (and thank) this person:



9 thoughts on “Hex bug helps with abductor spasmodic dysphonia”

  1. Dear Jeroen,
    Thank-you so much for sharing the video! KariAnne thank-you too!!! I do not have facebook and would love her email if you have it Jeroen. You are so helpful and informative for all of us that are trying to overcome SD.
    Sincerely, Diane Ryan

  2. thank u jeroen for a wonderful video.The crux of the problem is spasm,She overcomes by external pressure,Whats the permanent cure for spasm jeroen?

  3. Hi Jeroen,
    Could you please forward Kari Anns email….I have a question about Hex Bug device for ABSD. I do not have Facebook.
    Thank-you, Diane

  4. Hi Jeroen,

    I am getting this message

    “Video Unavailable
    This video has either been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.”

    I need to watch this desperately!
    Please advise.

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