spasmodic dysphonia cure?

There is no spasmodic dysphonia cure…
This is what everybody will tell you.

And I agree with them. There is no cure..
but for most people it is possible to improve your voice (a lot).
I have seen it happen to many people (and it happened to me).

If you take away the causes of the SD and learn to undo
the things you did that caused your spasmodic dysphonia
then have a good chance to improve a lot.

Your voice will however allways be your weak spot
so you have to balance your life in such a way that you prevent it from rehappening again.

If you want to learn to do this,
then you can read my book:

spasmodic dysphonia recovery system book

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3 thoughts on “spasmodic dysphonia cure?”

  1. I am very interested. I am a vocal coach and from time to time am contacted by a singer who has contracted this problem.

    I do not have Kindle so am unable to read your book – though very interested. I tried to sign up for your story but the link on this site is not working so my name and email address did not go through.

    Any information you can send me would be very valuable to me to help those who ask me for my help.

    Thank you!
    Jeannie Deva

  2. I want to order your book on Amazon, I do have a kindle. Also what is the total price for your three video’s. I have had spasmodic dysphonia for thirty years, have been having botox injections, they are now not working so I am seeking other avenues. Thank you

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