Forced relaxation to relax your body

The more relaxed your body is the better your voice will come out.
One of the best ways to relax every muscle in your body is
forced relaxation.

This is how to do forced relaxation:

1. Find a quit room, well ventilated.
2. Lie flat on your back on a mat, or matres, spine straight, arms close to your side, eyes closed so
you can focus your attention on the inside of your body.
3. Focus on your breathing, become aware of it.
4. Start by squeezing your eyes together, hold for 3 seconds.(only the eyes)
5. Let go and relax for 10 seconds
6. Do it again
7. Squeeze all the muscles around your mouth, (only the mouth)hold for 3 seconds
8. Let go and relax
9. Repeat
10. Stick out your tongue, as far as you can, hold for 3 seconds, release 10 seconds and repeat.
11. Squeeze all the muscles on your forehead (hold, release and repeat)
12. Tense neck backward (you know the rest)
13. Neck forward, left, right
14. Pull up your shoulders as high as you can
15. Squeeze hands, fingers (then one by one)
16. Work your way down to the tip of your toes.
17. Don’t forget pushing your belly all the way out (tensing, releasing, repeating)
18. Retracting all the muscles of your belly

Benefits of a relaxed body for your voice

Throughout your day you will become more aware when body tension starts to build. You will
start to notice it more and sooner, and when this comes to your attention, you can send the
signal to your muscles to let go and relax.

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