Ron Cox full recovery from spasmodic dysphonia [audio]

Beginning of 2009

I was in the stage of not seeing any improvement in my voice
and was completely demotivated and frustrated about any hope I might have in ever getting my voice back.

And then I received an email from Ron Cox with a sound recording of him speaking.
Ron Cox was the guy with whom I attended Connie Pike’s voice clinic in Florida in July 2007.
You might have seen his video on Youtube or my website.

This is the video of Ron Cox prior to the voice clinic I attended with him.

When I was with him in the voice clinic he was in bad shape.
He suffered from severe spasmodic torticollis and spasmodic dysphonia.

The audio recording he included in the email blew me away.


[box type=”download”] Here you can download his recording [/box]

I was shocked!

He sounded completely normal again.
He said that his voice was even better then before he attracted the spasmodic dysphonia.

This was great news for him and for anybody else who suffered from a dystonia.
Again more proof that you can recover almost 100% from spasmodic dysphonia.

My hope was restored and even more important for me was that I became very jealous.
Jealousy is a big motivator.

The hope and desire to recover my voice had gone back up from a small flame
into a big fire.

6 thoughts on “Ron Cox full recovery from spasmodic dysphonia [audio]”

  1. Could you please tell me how to get in touch with Connie Pike. I have spasmodic dysphonia for past 12 years and I am tired of receiving botox injections. Having serious side effects. Thank you, Lisa Nelson

    1. Lisa,

      I suffered from SD for approximately 4 years. I don’t know if this will help or possibly give you hope. I had become very depressed as I couldn’t communicate effectively. I had to leave customer service because I could no longer speak on the phone. Strangers would say things such as, “you sound like an old lady. I’m sorry I can’t understand you.” I finally ran into an older gentleman who said he had a friend who sounded just like me, and she gets shots to speak. My local ENT didn’t seem to know what was wrong, but this person suggested I go see her Dr in Seattle. He diagnosed me immediately and I began botox injections. It was the first time I’d been able to read a story to my kids in a few years. I continued to get injections then they began to take longer to become effective. Rather than the 7-10 days after a shot, it took about 5 weeks for the “mini mouse” and breathy phase to end. When I became pregnant with my last child at age 38 I couldn’t get the injections. Oddly, I didn’t need them. I haven’t had an injection since January 2009. My voice still gets tight if I’m nervous, dehydrated, or tired and it is not 100%. But it is about 90% of what it used to be and I can live with that. To most, it just sounds a little scratchy now and then. I don’t know why or how I “recovered.” I do stay very well hydrated which seems to help. Alcohol seems to be a little bothersome to my voice.

      Best of luck,
      Susan Wagner

      1. Hello, thank you for the information! I developed SD two years ago . I had two botox injections. They did help me but very expensive, temporary and I don’t like the period when my voice is weak. Also I don’t like the risk of taking botox . I am seeking other methods. Very interesting that yours just stopped. I appreciate any and all information about this condition. I also overheard a coworker say I sound like an old lady. very hurtful. Wishing you all the best. margaret P

        1. Hallo everybody!
          I´ve had SD for 26 years and I´ve tried everything. Botox many times, but it didn´t work for me,rather the opposit. I was injected for AD/SD many times. Finally I tried the injection for AB/SD. Disasterous, gave me increased breathing problems. Then, finally, I was properly diagnosed.I have the mixed form. I was in a really bad voice-shape.Then I “met” the Estill Voice Training method! I met with a teacher who gave me 9-10 easy exercises, and doing these my voice slowly came back.I consider myself 75% recovered which is absolutely miracoulus after 25 years without a voice!!!

  2. i have had this over 10 years now the botox are causing me breathing problems what else can i do the last time i had a botox i ended up in the hospital in ccu. any advice?

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