Ron Cox’s full spasmodic dysphonia recovery [video]

Road trip through the south of the U.S.A

In Februari 2009 me and my family were planning a holiday to the U.S.A.
It was going to be a road-trip because I like to drive and see things.

We made our starting point Miami because I knew that Ron Cox lives there and it would be a great opportunity
to see him back after his complete recovery from the spasmodic dysphonia and the spasmodic torticollis.

He had something I wanted *BADLY*.

And it was an GREAT opportunity to hear straight from his mouth the things he did,
so I could maybe model him,
to recover myself.

We arrived late in the evening in Miami, went to our motel, and the next morning
at 6.00 a.m I would meet him at his house…

I went and shot the next video….


When you listen closely to what he is saying, I noticed a very important thing…
He says at 5 min 29 seconds that he stopped exercising, and then his voice
became a lot better.

Hmmm, that is interesting, let’s think about that some more…

8 thoughts on “Ron Cox’s full spasmodic dysphonia recovery [video]”

  1. I am so happy for you Ron regarding your healing. I have had abductor SD for 36 years now, since age 20. It has greatly affected the quality of my life as I am a customer service representative, and need my voice to earn a living. I lived previously in Tampa, and wish I would have known about Connie Pike. Would you please send me information on how to contact her. Thanks so very much,

    Suzanne Hope

  2. I’ve had this condition for 20years or longer no treatment yet I’ve had polyp removed off my vocal cord twice it’s has gotten worse lately. Need to find a easier way to deal with this problem.

  3. Suazanne, you can contact Connie Pike at the following address:

    Best of luck. I am considering going to Connie’s clinic. I have had dysarathia and SD for over 4 years. So far I have only tried speech therapy. It did not help.
    Bill roberson

  4. I am a 46 year old male who lives just outside of Boston, Mass. My story is different than others. I contracted SD in April of 2011. The way it happened was nothing short of being extremely disfunctional. I have always had a sort of a different kind of voice. Over the years and since I was a kid in school other people have made fun of it or mocked it apparently thinking there was something commical about it. Well I had been working for over 3 years with a person who used to make fun of me everytime he saw me and eventually it got to me. One day he looked at me and said something very rude and stupid to me and it got to me so badly because it was so degrading the way he said it that all of a sudden in that moment I lost my voice. All of the years of people making fun of me and looking at me funny when I’d talk finally caused me to snap because of this one person in that one moment. Now I have had SD for 2 1/2 years and its so frustrating because this is worse than anything that I have dealt with. I miss my “funny sounding” old voice. The worst thing is having people look at you like theres something psychologically wrong with you when you talk. I really need to get another job or a second job but recently I went on a couple of job interviews and because I sounded bad I did not get hired. This is very depressing and now I feel stuck. I feel like my real voice is just below the surface if I could just get it out but nothing I try seems to work. Its like my voice has a mind of its own. I wish this would end. Help anyone?

    1. Hi David, I am 78 and believe that I have had this condition for at least 50 years. It is/was very frustrating and for at least 30 years was literally undiagnosed. I suffered from serious issues which were generally labelled as lack of confidence or nervousness. I have no recall of what triggered it. I was reading something to do with Spasmodic Disphonia recently and a comment caught my attention. When my first wife and I were in the throes of divorce I recalled her saying “his voice, I can’t stand his voice, it makes me sick just to hear him talk”. It has taken me a long time to realise that it was a major contributor to my divorce. I do believe that my voice is slowly improving, I am resigned to the fact that it will never be right. Some days are not good and you instinctively know when you get up that today might be a bad day. Speech Therapy was less than satisfactory. I do believe that a couple of rum’s (only a couple, don’t overdo it) can lubricate the vocal chords and assist very much in improving speech. Best of luck to everyone who is trying to deal with this difficult problem. Regards, Kevin Rynne.

  5. Hallo everybody!
    I´ve had SD for 26 years and I´ve tried everything. Botox many times, but it didn´t work for me,rather the opposit. I was injected for AD/SD many times. Finally I tried the injection for AB/SD. Disasterous, gave me increased breathing problems. Then, finally, I was properly diagnosed.I have the mixed form. I was in a really bad voice-shape.Then I “met” the Estill Voice Training method! I met with a teacher who gave me 9-10 easy exercises, and doing these my voice slowly came back.I consider myself 75% recovered which is absolutely miracoulus after 25 years without a voice!!!

  6. I was diagnosed with SD about 2 years ago but had symptoms starting about 5 years ago after an extremely stressful episode. Upon the insistence from my kids I went to a ENT specialist and was diagnosed with SD. Did the voice therapy for a year, waste of money. Then did nothing because I was afraid of botox the only next step (or so I thought). My daughter was getting married and I wanted to be able to sound OK so I went and talked to the Dr about botox. But the Dr. said i didn’t react typically to the sounds they need to hear for botox to be effective so she just did one vocal area. It made a slight impact. I went back for a second dose this time both sides but still a small dose, only slight improvement. The third time (increased dose) I actually got my voice back perfectly. Its been 3 weeks now and it still is good. It was like a miracle happened. You don’t realize how handicapped you are when you can’t speak well. To be able to have a conversation for more than a minute, I feel free. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop and I have to go back in for more botox…… to read about Ron is inspiring.

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