Spasmodic dysphonia treatment with Botox

Botox injections

The standard treatment is injections with botuline toxin, Botox. It is a simple procedure
when you have an experienced doctor. You lay down flat on a bed with 2 electrodes
glued to you throat. The doctors first treatment is injecting 2,5 units of Botox. One
injection in both sides of the vocal chords. The whole procedure is painless and should
not take up more then a couple of minutes.

How long before it works

The Botox will start to work after about three days and the effect will last up to three
months. After 1 week you can go back to the doctor to evaluate your voice and take
additional shots if the desired effect is too small.

How to find the correct dose

It takes around 1 to 5 treatments over time to establish the correct dose. After the right
dosage is found you can continue with that over time. You will have to continue the
treatments for the rest of your life because the effects wear out after 3 months.

Disadvantages of the use of Botox:

● Recent analysis of quality-of-life questionnaires in patients undergoing regular
injections of botulinum toxin demonstrate that a large proportion of patients have
limited relief for relatively short periods due to early breathiness and loss-of benefit
before re-injection.
● the benefits from injections were significantly reduced in patients in their
seventies and attributed this to the reduction in motor units with aging perhaps
affecting the response to botulinum toxin in spasmodic dysphonia patients
● aphonia, breathiness and swallowing difficulties in the first to fourth week after
injection. This can really interfere with your job because you might be unable to
speak for four weeks.
● optimal voice that was achieved never fully matched normal voice quality or
● Only good effects with ADSD
● The costs for treatment range from 0 to $4000,-
● Every 3 months you have to travel to the hospital.
● You might become immune for the Botox so that it has no effect anymore.

Advantages of the use of Botox:

Relief-when it works for you, you will have much of your normal life back and
during this time you might forget you have spasmodic dysphonia.
Happiness– You will feel emotionally better because you can express yourself
once again.
Security– You can continue a normal job
Freedom– You don’t have to think about speaking anymore, it just flows out.


Below you find a video which shows you injection of Botox.