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I am Jeroen Swart from Holland. I want to help you to get a better voice.

I attracted spasmodic dysphonia in 2006, after a period of severe stress. I recovered from it in 2010.

If you subscribe below by giving me your email address then every day for 6 days long I will guide you to a better voice.

This is the content of the 6 video’s:

  1. Who am I?

    I will tell you exactly who I am, my story.

  2. What is spasmodic dysphonia?

    Description of the different forms and characteristics of SD

  3. What causes spasmodic dysphonia and what makes it worse?

    How did your SD arise and what are the triggers to cause it.

  4. Is it possible to recover your voice?

    I will share with you what the possibilities are to recover your voice and what you need to know to go that route.

  5. Who you need to be to improve your voice

  6. How to start your journey

    You will learn the things you need to prepare, so that you can be on your way.