A number of operations that cut one of the nerves of the vocal folds (the recurrent laryngeal nerve) has improved the voice of many for several months to several years but the improvement may be temporary.

An operation called “selective laryngeal adductor denervation-rennervation (SLAD-R)” is effective specifically for adductor spasmodic dysphonia which has shown good outcomes in about 80% of people at 4 years. Post-surgery voices can be imperfect and about 15% of people have significant difficulties.If symptoms do recur this is typically in the first 12 months. Another operation called “recurrent laryngeal nerve avulsion” has positive outcomes of 80% at three years.

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  1. I had a silastic implant in my left vocal cord by a Chicagoland medical center surgeon in 1990. It was his SECOND surgery of this type. I had been referred to him by another Chicoland surgeon who had tried teflon injections.
    I believe the cause to be “domestic violence” incidences for my first husband. Last year (2013)I found the surgeon and had a re-evaluation/laryngoscopy. I have had a “different” voice…………… weakens under stressors……….but I am a “success story.” A “cookie swallow reports I need “pudding”consistency but I am just careful.

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