Ron Cox full recovery from spasmodic dysphonia [audio]

Beginning of 2009

I was in the stage of not seeing any improvement in my voice
and was completely demotivated and frustrated about any hope I might have in ever getting my voice back.

And then I received an email from Ron Cox with a sound recording of him speaking.
Ron Cox was the guy with whom I attended Connie Pike’s voice clinic in Florida in July 2007.
You might have seen his video on Youtube or my website.

This is the video of Ron Cox prior to the voice clinic I attended with him.

When I was with him in the voice clinic he was in bad shape.
He suffered from severe spasmodic torticollis and spasmodic dysphonia.

The audio recording he included in the email blew me away.

I was shocked!

He sounded completely normal again.
He said that his voice was even better then before he attracted the spasmodic dysphonia.

This was great news for him and for anybody else who suffered from a dystonia.
Again more proof that you can recover almost 100% from spasmodic dysphonia.

My hope was restored and even more important for me was that I became very jealous.
Jealousy is a big motivator.

The hope and desire to recover my voice had gone back up from a small flame
into a big fire.

Ron Cox’s full spasmodic dysphonia recovery [video]

Road trip through the south of the U.S.A

In Februari 2009 me and my family were planning a holiday to the U.S.A.
It was going to be a road-trip because I like to drive and see things.

We made our starting point Miami because I knew that Ron Cox lives there and it would be a great opportunity
to see him back after his complete recovery from the spasmodic dysphonia and the spasmodic torticollis.

He had something I wanted *BADLY*.

And it was an GREAT opportunity to hear straight from his mouth the things he did,
so I could maybe model him,
to recover myself.

We arrived late in the evening in Miami, went to our motel, and the next morning
at 6.00 a.m I would meet him at his house…

I went and shot the next video….


When you listen closely to what he is saying, I noticed a very important thing…
He says at 5 min 29 seconds that he stopped exercising, and then his voice
became a lot better.

Hmmm, that is interesting, let’s think about that some more…