Teacher helps student overcome voice impediment

Mushy is a student who’s been affected his entire life by a speech impediment. He has a stutter that makes even getting a few words out extremely complicated, talking in front of the class can be a daunting nightmare for Mushy.

If you’ve seen the movie The King’s Speech, the King had a similar issue and he tried many methods to overcome his disability. In this moving video, Mushy’s teacher, Mr Burton, applies one of the techniques they show in the movie, the use of music to overcome anxiety, to help Mushy speak. Watch Mushy speak in front of his classmates and how they react to his brilliant achievement:

2 thoughts on “Teacher helps student overcome voice impediment”

  1. Thank you for sharing this heart-warming video. Prayers for that
    young man and for us who struggle daily with Spasmodic Dysphonia.

  2. thanks for sharing this….how great to see what happens. Just like your exercises….sometimes the craziest things are what work! thank you again!

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